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The Scarlet Goodbye, christened “the most unlikely mash-up in Minnesota Music history”, is the creative lovechild of long-time Minnesota musicians Daniel Murphy and Jeff Arundel.

A chance meeting between Dan Murphy, pivotal in the formation of both Soul Asylum and Golden Smog, and mellow singer-songwriter Jeff Arundel, led to an attic studio in St. Paul, Minnesota, and when the pandemic hit, the lads hunkered down and created the LP “Hopes Eternal”, a unique and original blend of both artists—part Rolling Stones, part Townes Van Zandt. Hopes Eternal went on to be one the best-reviewed records of 2023, released on The Label Group/Universal, and supported by some great
live shows across the Midwest.

Ready to escalate the collaboration, TSG has been back in the attic and is readying “El Camino Adios”, at once both organic and epic, for release on Virgin in October 2024.

The first single, “Speedway”, is an homage to dirt track Saturday nights, the roar of the engines colliding with the themes of love and loneliness, denim, and Lone Star beer.

The songs on El Camino Adios revolve around a mythical small town, and the reeling emotions that resonate whether you’re in the Baja or the heart of New York City. Lovingly layered, and anchored by vocal harmonies and expansive melodies, with great
musicianship from Murphy, Arundel, Ben Peterson, Patrick Nelson, and Pat Frederick, with special guests Jeff Victor, Steve Gorman, Emi Stardust, Michael Nelson, and Billy Oerhlein.

TSG will be back on the road starting in June—stay tuned! This is one of the most unusual bands both lyrically and musically today...



"Hope's Eternal" is a top album by two top musicians who really have nothing left to prove in the music world, but still do so without hesitation in every song on this beautiful album."


"In a world where it isn't easy to stand out, on Hope’s Eternal, The Scarlet Goodbye takes their listener's hand and guides them through a vast and bright world, not only ahead but previously lived in."


"Dan Murphy and veteran producer and songwriter Jeff Arundel didn't set out to have one of the most buzz-worthy new rock bands in town. They've done just that, though, through classic songwriting chemistry and tasteful know-how on their group's debut LP, offering many lushly arranged, contemplative heart-tuggers as 'Rosary' and 'Fresh New Hell' alongside a few fun barroom rockers like 'Sandy.'"




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